Mã LV: Lv2016TA002

Tên đề tài: Confidence affecting Speaking skills of the 1st year English major students at University of Phan Thiet

SV thực hiện: Lê Thị Thùy Hương

GV hướng dẫn: TS. Huỳnh Công Minh Hùng

Tóm tắt In the trend of globalization nowadays, it is not easy to deny the importance role of English because it is widely used everywhere in the world along with the development of Technology, Medicine, Engineering and Education, etc. An amazing number shows that English is the official language of over 53 countries and territories. In addition, English is also the official language of the ED and the 3rd language that people use in the world, only after Chinese and Spanish. Besides, over 400 million people in the world use English as mother language. More than 1 billion people use English as a second language. Some highest income countries in the world use English very popular......

Lịch làm việc:

Từ thứ 2 đến thứ 7 hàng tuần

Sáng: 07h30-11h30

Chiều: 13h00-17h00

Lịch phục vụ:

Từ thứ 2 đến thứ 6 hàng tuần

Sáng: 07h30-11h30

Chiều: 13h00-17h00

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